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    • Deal with mobile phone crash
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    • 2013-11-30
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    If mobile phone crash occurs while using, forced shutdown the mobile phone, then long-press the power button again to see if it can be turned on. If not, bring your invoices, warranty card and mobile phones to the closest KXD customer service center for testing. If the phone can be turned on, we recommend the following:

    1.Observe what the phone does when it crashes. If it crashes while running a specific software, you can go to Settings--Applications to uninstall the software.

    2.If there's too many background programs running in the  mobile phone, it is recommended to pull down the status bar and conduct "one-click cleanup" in the mobile phone to close the background programs;
    3.To avoid inadequate storage space, you need to regularly clean your mobile phones, delete unnecessary documents, archives, installation packages and other data (file management - file cleanup);
    4.For system reasons, you can back up data and restore factory settings.

    • Irregular automatic restart, automatic switch
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    • 2018-03-29
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    When the phone restarts automatically, you can check whether there is any special operation (downloading software, etc.) before the automatic restart occurs, and return to the state before the operation to see if it can be used normally. If not, check the following:

    The mobile phone is infected with the virus, open the "mobile phone housekeeper" and operate the virus scan on the phone, uninstall the suspicious software

    After backing up the data, download the firmware package on the official website and reinstall the system to your mobile phone.

    If the above are excluded, bring your phone to the service center and we will check it for you.

    • Automatically restarts
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    • 2018-03-29
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    If your phone automatically restarts during use, you can analyze the possible causes based on the specific circumstances of the restart.

    Automatic restart when running a specific application

    The daily use of the mobile phone is normal and only when a particular program is opened, a reboot may occur. It may be affected by the application.

    Go to "Settings" - "Application Management", find the software, "Clear Data", "Clear Cache", clear the cached data generated by the software during previous running;

    The software version is too low or there is compatibility issue with the phone, you can uninstall the software and then download it again in the "software store".

    • The cause of the lack of mobile storage space and the solutions
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    • 2018-03-29
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    If your phone is running out of storage space, try the following:

    1.Periodically delete unimportant files;

    2.When there are many photos and videos, you can save it to an external memory card or upload it to the cloud for storage;

    3.Back up data (contacts, text messages, etc.) and restore factory settings.

    If insufficient storage space was indicated while there is enough free space on the phone, you can back up the phone data and take the phone to the local KXD customer service center for processing.

    • Unclear and fuzzy photos or videos
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    • 2018-03-29
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     If the photos taken by your phone is blurry, you may need these instructions.

    Camera lens surface is dirty

     The camera lens is oily or dirty. When taking a picture, the screen may be blurred or with foreign matter. You can use a clean cotton cloth to wipe and try again.

    Photographing techniques

    • You can learn some tips of taking photos which can help you to take pleasant photos.

    • Keep the phone steady while photographing, don't shake it;

    • You can use the continuous shooting function when shooting a moving object to avoid blurry;

    • Quickly take multiple photos and choose the best one to use.

    • Photographing is not clear when the focus is not completed. You can tap the photo page to focus, and then take a picture after the focus is successful.
       Photographs in low-light environments will show more noise and the photos will be blurry; turn on flash functions or ensure enough light sources.

    Learn more

    If your phone is in a blurred state after downloading or upgrading other software, you can uninstall the software and try again. If it suddenly appear without any suspicious operation, you can try the following methods:

    1.Go to settings, application management, find "camera", clear data, try again;

    2.Back up the data, download the firmware package to the mobile phone, re-flash the system and try again.

    3.If none of the above operations can make it work, or the mobile phone has water inside or falls, you can directly carry the mobile phone to the KXD customer service center for processing.

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