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    • Reasons for intermittent interruption of mobile phone call
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    • 2018-03-29
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    1.Bad phone line, it is recommended to hang up the phone and call again;

    2.Poor call environment network, such as weak signal, unstable signal, etc. which fails to achieve good call requirements. Please replace the environment to check;
    3.It happened in high-speed moving objects, such as high-speed rail or highway. Please change the environment to check;
    4.The SIM card is worn out or in poor contact, reinsert the card or replace the card;

    5.Backup phone data (phone numbers, text messages, etc.) and restore to factory settings;

    6.If the problems can't be solved, follow the system update push if any to update to the latest system; or backup data and take with you the purchase invoice, warranty card to the KXD customer service center for processing.

    • Causes and Solutions of Mobile Phone Button Failure
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    • 2013-11-30
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    If some buttons on your phone don't respond to or don't respond appropriately when you press them, please try the following solution.

    Power button, volume button or other physical buttons

    Press the phone's power button to turn off the phone or wake the phone screen, press the volume button to adjust the volume. When these keys fail during operation:

    Re-start the mobile phone

    Remove any protective film or protective shell that may interfere with the use of keys

    Check for any debris or dirt around the relevant button or switch, then clean it with a soft cloth

    If the use of the button is still abnormal, you may need to send the phone to the service center for repair. In order to solve your problem as soon as possible, you can make an appointment with the service center time in advance.

    HOME button, back button and other buttons

    1. When the HOME key on the screen is pressed, the mobile phone will return to the home screen; when the BACK key is pressed, you will get back to the previous page; by pressing the menu key, you can view the current running application of the mobile phone. If your phone malfunctions or works intermittently while you operate these buttons on the screen, the following occasions may occur.

    2. It is affected by the tempered film. You can remove the tempered film and try again.

    3. It is affected by third party application. Uninstall the applications downloaded or upgraded before this happens.

    4. System failure. In this case, you can go to KXD official website to download the firmware package or reinstall the system to the phone.

    5. After the above situation is eliminated, if the use of the button is still abnormal, you may need to send the mobile phone to the service center. Our staff will assist you in processing.

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