Refund method

Datum: 2015-04-23
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Refund method

When your refund application is approved, the corresponding amount of returned goods will be returned in two ways.

I.  Refund to KEN XIN DA account balance

Users who use the balance to pay will get the refund in the account balance immediately after the refund application is approved, so that it can be used in next purchase.
If the order was partly paid by balance, when there is partial return, the refund will go firstly to your account balance.If the order is cash on delivery, the refund will go directly to you balance account. You can transfer/withdraw the money after the refund is completed.

II.Return by original path

If you use Alipay balance payment, the payment will be refunded to your Alipay balance.If you pay with a bank card/credit card, it will be returned to the corresponding bank card/credit card account within 3-5 working days.

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